With your help, VTS Inc. can continue to provide viable and reliable transportation, education, and advocacy for more disabled Veterans within Mecklenburg County and its surrounding Charlotte areas.   Please help by spreading the good news about our services.  If you know of someone in need of services, please contact our office today.

Meet the Heartbeats Behind VTS Inc.

Clarence W. Perkins and Janet Perkins, faithfully serve as the co-founders and heartbeat of Veteran Transport Services, Inc.


Clarence W. Perkins

Janet Perkins

Mr. Clarence W. Perkins (aka CW) is the initial inspiration for the development of VTS Inc. C.W. served in the United States Air Force at Norton Air Force Base in California. He was honorably discharged as a Staff Sergeant in 1978. In 2007 his sight began to wane, ultimately ending in the total loss of sight in his left eye and very low vision in his right eye. Due to his own personal experience with vision impairment, CW and Janet marshaled a significant force of people who stand ready to assist disabled veterans in their plight to rejoin society by offering transportation, education, and advocacy.


Mrs. Janet Perkins (aka Janet) has a long history of public service in various professional and managerial positions. To add to her vita, she is a Law School Graduate, with a Master of Arts Degree in Public Administration, a Master of Arts Degree in Policies and Procedures, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Psychology, along with a sundry of other certifications, licenses, and extensive experience in affirmative action policies, procedures, training, and development. But Janet’s greatest accomplishment was yet to be realized.


As CW’s sight began to deteriorate, Janet quickly realized that had she not retired, her husband would be withdrawn from society due to the loss of his driving privileges. She found this fact unacceptable, and when she learned of so many other veterans across the United States who were in the same situation she decided to do something about it. Thus, Veteran Transport Services, Inc. was born. Together, Janet & CW are riveted on this mission to further assist disabled veterans in returning to a full and productive life.


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“Why We Contribute to VTS”

Meet Tom and Sylvia Sedula

There is an estimated 54,307 veterans living in Mecklenburg County and about 900 of those veterans are blind and many more disabled. Tom Sedula is one of those 900. Reliable transportation is a must that is not as readily available as some may think.
“We contribute to VTS, because it’s desperately needed.”
Tom and Sylvia Sedula
Tom Sedula, a U.S. Marine (1996-1968) has tried using the existing transportation options available to blind and disabled people, - “but they aren’t getting the job done.” Some places have limited space and it’s almost impossible for individuals to get a spot on that particular bus while others require you to go to a bus stop, but that’s easier said than done. The sad truth is that many visually impaired aren’t able to “just keep on” because they don’t have access to the necessary support or reliable transportation.  This growing necessity of life forward is where Veteran Transport Services, Inc.
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Veterans have to walk a block to get to new VA clinic.

WSOC TV News on Tuesday, December 9, 2014

By Sarah Rosario, reporter — CHARLOTTE

Disabled veterans are turning to Channel 9 for help after finding out they’ll have to walk a block to get to their new Veterans Affairs clinic. This is the second time veterans have had to ask the city to move a bus stop closer to a new facility. Construction is underway on West Tyvola Road at Cascade Pointe Boulevard. Retired Air Force Staff Sgt. C.W. Perkins has been walking with a cane for almost four years. He lost his sight in 2007 and has learned to find his way.
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Disabled Veterans Living Life to the Fullest
One-Touch: Marshall Arts for the Blind






One Touch is a self defense training program, that teaches blind and sight impaired people to protect themselves in any situation where their safety is compromised.  C.W. Perkins, VP of VTS - also blind - and a few others took the program and passed!  CW is currently obtaining his certification to also serve as a  One Touch trainer.  We want to thank Heather Couch - One Touch Instructor - for sharing the photos showcased above.